Create your own anagram quickly using this free link. Click here

An anagram could be a quick warm up for the day to recap important words/concepts learned so far. Ask your learners to unravel the mystery word and explain the meaning. Or start of a new topic with an anagram of an important word you want them to remember.

For "Knowledge Base Central" it came up with 100001 different phrases.

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You WILL miss out on more ideas if you don't visit these adult education websites links

The  adult education websites links below are another amazing source of information to liven up your training room.


Game_Show_Presenter.jpg Looking for a professional looking game show software then consider this product. It is really easy to create your own questions/answers/categories etc. You could also ask your students to make up the questions in the morning, load them in during the day and finish the day off with a quiz they designed.

Trial it out first before you buy!


icebreakerssamplepix_1.jpg  Equally as good and full of ideas. Again you can subscribe (free of charge) to a the "wacky teaser a week" email. This site is really concentrating on visual brain teasers. Entertaining drawings that spell out a popular saying and other activities. Excellent to print out on large paper, laminate and use in your training room. Put a new one up every session, to keep those brains working. Have fun with it. www.wordjuxtapoz.com

This website is full of brainteasers, puzzles, soduko, riddles,optical illusions etc for just that quick stage change in your classroom. It is always great to have a new supply of quick entertainment to throw at your learners when you need to liven them up. Perhaps they have been listening to a lecture for a while and they now need to complete an activity. Use ideas from this website to get their brains back into action. The site is free, and you can subscribe to a daily puzzle. It could not be easier to keep on getting those fresh ideas. www.brainbashers.com


If you are the person confident in doing a card trick or other simple magic trick but never knew how, consider this. Click on this link to order a range of  E-book offering over 400 tricks. You are surely to pick up some easy tricks, that with a bit of practise create that Wow factor, you need to bring the magic (excuse the pun!) back in your classroom. Although some trick are too complicated, it gives a lot of "dinner table" type trick you can easily do in the classroom as a quick one minute state change. Alternatively, ask students to perfect some tricks, while teaching teamwork, or communication skills, or as confirmation that it is ok to make a mistake. Bring magic into your classroom