Show this image on your data projector and ask your learners if the dancer is turning clock wise or anti clockwise? Click this link to challenge your left and right brain.

Use quotes to inspire your participants

Knowledge Base Central has never met a person who does not love a good quote. It is inspiring, most will write them down and they might well end up remembering your session because of the quote you used.


  • Write it down on flip chart paper

  • Write one down on your whiteboard

  • Use it in your PowerPoint presentation

  • Include it in your course material

  • Use it as an icebreaker

If you are training for a few days, your participants will love it if you have a different quote for each session. Just make sure you make it relevant to what you are training on, relevant to the level and culture of your participants and ensure you explain why the quote you have used is relevant to your session and or your participants.



Quote: 'I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain' - Dr Seuss

This quote can be used if you have a really active session planned with some activities that might take some participants out of their comfort zone. This quote will prepare the most reluctant trainees to participate. It is a great introduction for you to explain that perhaps some of the activities planned today look like nonsense, many are not any actually have a purpose and others might be used, just to wake up the brain.  One of these nonsense activities to wake up the brain could be doing a finger boogie.

Quote: 'Teach people, not contents'

This is really for you as the trainer, to keep reminding yourself that you are teaching people. If you manage the classroom properly and your learners are happy and engaged in learning, the contents will happen automatically.  This website will help you understand how to manage your classroom well, using various facilitation techniques.Have look at the delivery section.

Quote: 'The most wasted of all days is one without laughter' - Cummings

This quote is great if you have a reluctant audience and who have this attitude of "whatever you are going to ask me, I am not going to have fun". It immediately shows them that in your session their will be laughter and fun. You could explain to them to feel good you need endorphins pumping through your body and laughter gives you free endorphins. Chocolate is the alternative but puts you participants on a sugar high and that would make your work extra hard, having to work through highs and lows.As a simple introduction as to how "safe" your fun activities are going to be without having to jump up and down and  make  a fool of yourself try the handshake activity.


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