ABC of Financial Freedom

mw5 1Money Week is a celebration of financial literacy building block activities between Sunday 2nd September and Saturday 8th September, 2012.

The Commission for Financial Literary & Retirement Income is behind the launch of New Zealand’s first annual Money Week. The week focuses on building financial literacy awareness and developing skills to allow people – you – to better manage your money and where to get assistance and resources to do so. Knowledge Base Central will be hosting a Saturday workshop on the 8th September in New Lynn

ABC to Financial Freedom: Attitude, Behaviour, Courage Learn skills and strategies to achieve financial freedom. It is about starting to take small steps in two directions: Reducing bad debt and increasing wealth creating income streams. Take action now! The workshop has been developed for newbies and for those people that already have some financial skills – in other words, it is for anyone that is interested in taking their money management skills to the next level. You can view the programme here

  • Workshop:ABC To Financial Freedom
  • Location:New Lynn Friendship Club
  • Time:2.30 – 4.30pm
  • Address:3063 Great North Road
Seats are limited; please register via our website early to ensure your place.