Knowledge Base Central offers a broad range of tertiary training programmes to New Zealanders*.  Our Te Wananga o Aotearoa programmes are undertaken on a part-time basis so you can continue to work while you learn new skills. The courses vary in length from 20 to 36 weeks. At the end of each course you will receive a NZQA approved Certificate to validate your skills.

Topics covered include planning for success, structuring your company, funding your startup, protecting your business, connecting with customers, building your team, budgets and understanding financial reports, becoming a business leader, buying a franchise, analyzing your business, project management, business presentations, time management, asset management and more …

These are NO FEE programmes.


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The Secret

* The programmes are open to NZ citizens and permanent residents aged over 16 yrs, who are not already enrolled in a Government sponsored training programme.


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Confidence in the workforce Testing the water

Starting a Small Business

Exploring or already in business

Managing and Growing your Business

Existing Business

Financial Knowledge

Money Management for everyone
Looking to build confidence?
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Starting a small business?
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Do you want to take your business to the next level?
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Increase your financial knowledge?
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Is owning a business for you?
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Need a business plan?
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Wanting to know more about business reports and presentations?
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Develop a personal financial Plan?
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Looking to re-enter the workforce?
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Wanting to know more about Project Management?
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Wanting to know more about Project Management ?
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Wanting to have access to mentoring support?
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